Maryland Access to Justice Commission


Equality. Fairness. Justice. Simplicity. Inclusiveness. Transparency.


Advocate for laws, programs, policies, and practices that expand access to justice and the quality of justice for all Marylanders.


Advocate for increased funding for the legal services delivery system.


Promote public awareness of the importance of civil legal services for disadvantaged people and communities in Maryland, and of the need for expanded access to justice.


Promote research, education, public awareness, and policy statements on ways to improve access to justice and the quality of justice in Maryland.


Promote collaboration and coordination among legal services providers.


Promote a commitment to pro bono legal services and access to justice among lawyers and law students in Maryland.


Seek the knowledge and advice of people who experience barriers to access to justice.


The renewed Access to Justice Commission is an independent entity that will drive systemic change and pave the way for legal awareness, equal access, fair outcomes and just laws for every Marylander who encounters the civil justice system.
New. Independent.


Our commissioners are committed to justice for all Marylanders and bring experience and vision.
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Ward Coe, Chair

Partner, Gallagher, Evelius and Jones, LLP
“Access to justice is a fundamental human right—everyone, regardless of economic or social status, is entitled to justice.”
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Maryland State Bar Association
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Susan Erlichman

Executive Director, Maryland Legal Services Corporation
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Antonia Fasanelli

Executive Director, Homeless Persons Representation Project
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Brian Frosh

Attorney General of Maryland
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Herb Garten

Fedder Garten, P.A.
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Sharon Goldsmith

Executive Director, Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland
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Daniel Goldstein

Partner, Brown, Goldstein & Levy
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Wilhelm Joseph

Executive Director, Maryland Legal Aid
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Virginia Knowlton

Executive Director, Maryland Disability Law Center
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Michael Millemann

Jacob A. France Professor of Public Interest Law, University of Maryland Carey School of Law
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John Nethercut

Executive Director, Public Justice Center
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Pamela Ortiz

Director, Access to Justice Department, Maryland Judiciary
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Victoria Schultz

Associate Dean for Administration, University of Baltimore School of Law
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Hon. Cathy Hollenberg Serrette

Judge, Circuit Court for Prince George’s County
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Bonnie Sullivan

Executive Director, Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service
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Donald Tobin

Dean, University of Maryland Carey School of Law
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Ronald Weich

Dean, University of Baltimore School of Law

What Our Commissioners Are Saying...