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 A2JC unites leaders to drive systemic reforms & innovations to make the civil justice system accessible, equitable and fair for all Marylanders. 

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More Marylanders than ever need help with their civil legal cases.

We have joined forces to ask all MD attorneys to provide pro bono help.


can help ensure Marylanders remain housed, fed, safe and secure.


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Watch: Attorney General Brian Frosh talks to A2JC ED about her passion for justice, the Access to Justice Commission and her role as Vice Chair of the AG's COVID-19 Access to Justice Task Force.


The number of lawyers are available to help 10,000 low-income persons in MD.  Compare to 40 lawyers/ 10,000 persons in the general population in MD.


Rate of success with a lawyer in a protective order case, compared to 32%, the rate of success without a lawyer in the same type of case with the same type of facts.


Amount retuned to the state for every $1 invested in civil legal aid in MD

The Maryland Access to Justice Commission is an independent entity that brings together civil justice partners - including the deans of our law schools, the attorney general, law firm partners, corporate counsel, heads of legal services organizations and funders, academics and representatives from the Maryland Judiciary and the Maryland State Bar Association - to break down barriers that prevent all Marylanders from equally accessing the civil justice system.  The Maryland Access to Justice Commission is a proud partner of the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA).


Because approximately 325,000 Marylanders do not get the help they need to effectively resolve their civil legal problem, we advocate for laws and reforms that increase free or low-cost legal representation for low and mid-income Marylanders.


Because there are over 50 different places where you can go to get civil legal aid in Maryland - from legal service providers, law school clinics, pro-bono clinics, court self-help centers and more - we convene civil justice partners to share best practices and encourage information-sharing, coordination and efficiency.


Because most Marylanders do not know that there is no right to an appointed attorney in most civil (non-criminal) legal matters, even though equal justice for all is a value that they hold dear and support, we communicate and amplify - with one voice - how critical civil legal aid is to realizing the promise of "justice for all."


Because the civil justice system was designed for lawyers by lawyers, but is now mostly used by non-lawyers, we introduce and implement innovations to simplify the process and create pathways so Marylanders get the type of civil legal help they need, when they need it.





Phone: 443.703.3037
Mailing Address:

Maryland Bar Center

520 W. Fayette St.

Baltimore, MD 21201

Volunteer Opportunities: 

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The Commission is always looking for exceptional talent. If you are passionate about equal justice for all and have skills in communications, legal research & writing, data analysis or fundraising, we welcome an application to volunteer with us. Please send a cover letter, resume and three references to Reena Shah at

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