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If you do not have health insurance during the COVID-19 emergency, you may be able to get it through the State's Maryland Health Connection exchange. The State has opened a new special enrollment period for uninsured Marylanders precisely for this purpose, which runs through June 15, 2020. (Uninsured individuals seeking medical assistance/Medicaid can apply at any time.) If you obtain insurance through Maryland Health Connection during this special enrollment period, you will be covered beginning April 1, regardless of when you select your plan.


  • Coronavirus testing is covered under a Maryland Health Connection or Medicaid Plan

    Health insurers are required to waive lab fees, copayments and deductibles for visits to a doctor, urgent care facility or emergency room to test for coronavirus.

  • All eligible, uninsured Marylanders qualify for the emergency enrollment period.



How to Enroll

To enroll, you can visit or download the free Enroll MHC app. Help is available by calling 1-855-642-8572.

What You Need to Apply:

  • Birthdates for those being insured

  • Social Security numbers (or document numbers for legal immigrants)

  • Proof of citizenship or immigration status

  • Tax returns for previous years

  • Employer and income info (pay stubs, W-2 forms)

  • Policy numbers for any current health insurance

  • Information about any job-related eligibility coverage that exists for you or someone in your household

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