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Utilities & Other Essential Services

During the COVID emergency companies providing essential services cannot stop providing that service to your residence, even if you have not been able to pay your bill or the payment is late.  They also cannot charge you late fees or other charges if your payment is late or has not been paid.  See more details below.

Governor Larry Hogan issued two executive orders on this topic.  On on March 16 and another on April 29. 

As of March 16, 2020, according to executive orders by Governor Larry Hogan,


If there is a company providing essential services, like electric, gas, sewage disposal, telegraph, telephone, water, cable television, or internet, to your home anywhere in Maryland, that company cannot stop providing this service to your residence; and


Any companies that provide the services listed above cannot bill or collect fees or other charges for late payments on any account that serves a dwelling unit or residence


The March 16 executive order was to expire May 1.  The new order on April 29 expands the order to last until June 1, 2020 at the latest or when the state of emergency in Maryland is over, whichever comes first.

This order may expire before June 1, 2020, if the state of emergency in Maryland ends before then. 


To get the latest on the state of emergency, check Governor Hogan's website.

Here is information from the Maryland Office of People’s Counsel:




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