For many, end-of-life and estate planning is intimidating.  Covid-19 has only made an already difficult job harder and more necessary.  Recognizing the urgency of end-of-life issues, Governor Hogan has changed the estate planning system to allow for more remote options including remote notarizations, remote witnessing, and electronic signings.  Many legal organizations have expanded their services to help during these difficult times.

The Chief Judge of Maryland has ordered all non-emergency cases in all Maryland courts to be stayed during the COVID-emergency until June 5, 2020. 

She has also ordered all residential evictions to be stayed until further notice until July 25, 2020.  This can change anytime with a new court order and you may not get notice of your new eviction date. 

A “stay” means that something is put on hold, paused or postponed.  "Residential" means the property is used for living, rather than running a business.  

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