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The Mission of the Access to Justice Commission is the following:

ADVOCACY - Advocate for laws, rules, programs, policies, and practices that expand access to justice and the quality of justice for all Marylanders

INCREASE CIVIL LEGAL AID FUNDING – Identify additional funding streams and increase existing funding for civil legal aid delivery system

COMMUNICATIONS – Promote public awareness of the importance of civil legal services for Maryland and the need for expanded access to justice

COORDINATION & COLLABORATION – Promote coordination and collaboration among legal services providers

PRO-BONO – Promote commitment to pro-bono legal services and access to justice among lawyers and law students in Maryland

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – Seek the knowledge and advice of people who experience barriers to access to justice

DATA, RESEARCH & POLICY – Promote data collection, research, education, public awareness, and policy statements on ways to improve access to justice and the quality of justice in Maryland

NURTURE INNOVATION – Bring best practices and cutting edge access to justice innovations to Maryland

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