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Dispatch | April, 17 2023

A2J Dispatch -March/April Issue 2023

The March/April Issue

In this month’s A2J Dispatch, we celebrate some of our legislative wins including additional funding for Maryland’s Access to Counsel in Evictions law, we highlight the work of some of A2JC’s Committees; we revisit the issue of tax sales and their impact on vulnerable communities; we explore legal Ai tools in the legal services space, and we learn about MDCourt’s Guide & File Tool for Self-Represented Litigants, all this and more in this month’s issue of the A2JC Dispatch.

A2J Commission News

Tips from Maryland Judiciary’s Access to Justice Department. We are pleased to offer recurring content from the Maryland Judiciary’s Access to Justice Department as part of the A2J Dispatch.

  • MDCourts Guide & File Tool and Self-Represented Litigants. Did you know there was an easy way for self-represented litigants to keep complete court forms? Maryland Guide & File is a tool developed by the Maryland Courts that guides the user through a series of plain language questions called an “interview.” Like TurboTax, the interview uses the person’s answers to generate a complete packet of forms. The interview includes links to definitions and helpful information. When the user is done, the program automatically generates all the forms needed, along with detailed instructions on what to do next. Completed forms can be filed with the court. Some forms can be e-filed directly from the application. To give it a try, visit

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