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Blogs | August, 2 2022

Legal Services Corporation Held a Virtual Forum on Increasing Access to Justice

The justice gap in the United States is broader now than ever. In 2022, the Legal Services Corporation’s (LSC) completed a study that demonstrates that low-income people receive little to no help for an astounding 92% of their significant civil legal problems. As a result, many of them experience adverse consequences, like the unjust loss of their homes, financial exploitation, the denial of veterans benefits, and domestic violence. 

On July 13, 2022, the LSC held a virtual forum on Increasing Access to Justice during which local and national leaders discussed the importance of civil legal aid and what measures can be taken to support lower-income individuals in civil proceedings. 

Regional corporate leaders shared their insight on the impact of the justice gap during the forum as well. Additionally, a panel of judges and legal aid practitioners discussed actions Chicago and other cities have taken to support low-income renters faced with the threat of eviction.

You can view the forum here