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Blogs | October, 4 2021

MSBA Launches Insightful Voices Podcast with First Guest Prof. Kimberly L. Wehle

The MSBA is excited to present the inaugural episode of its Insightful Voices podcast. The podcast aims to cover various topics affecting the legal profession, including current events, a look back at the last 125 years of the MSBA, and conversations with thought leaders around access to justice and our future.

In the first episode, guest host, and former MSBA President the Honorable Mark F. Scurti talks to Kimberly L. Wehle, a law professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law who specializes in administrative law, civil procedure, and the federal courts. She maintains a practice at Miller Friel, PLLC, is an accomplished writer, and has appeared on television and radio. 

Professor Wehle discusses her transition from solely working as a law professor to becoming a public voice on democracy and the Constitution. She explains that an article with incomplete information about Presidential pardoning powers made her realize that the public would benefit from explanations of basic legal concepts and information regarding how to think about and discuss things in a way that tolerates different points of view. It inspired her to write an op-ed for the Baltimore Sun, and since then she has become very passionate about educating non-lawyers.

Professor Wehle also explains that she believes many people take democracy for granted, and notes what she thinks people should focus on going forward to maintain democracy. A key element in protecting the power of the people is updating laws to construe provisions of the Constitution in a manner that is consistent with their purposes while also recognizing the realities of modern technology and social media. She thinks to reduce polarization in the country, we must first manage online disinformation and learn how to facilitate conversations between parties with opposing viewpoints in a way that is not alienating. 

Next, Professor Wehle shared how she arrived at the topics for the three books she wrote: How to Read the Constitution and Why (2019), What You Need to Know About Voting and Why (2020), and How to Think Like a Lawyer and Why (2022). Professor Wehle is also teaching a LinkedIn course called Think Like a Lawyer, which currently has over 33,000 participants. Similar to her upcoming book, it provides readers with tools for making orderly and informed decisions in every aspect of their lives. 

Finally, Professor Wehle closes the episode by discussing the most important lessons she has learned over her career and what she thinks students getting ready to embark on a legal career should know. 

You can listen to the podcast here. Don’t forget to subscribe to make sure you don’t miss future episodes!