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Blogs | February, 22 2021

Want to Do More for Attorney Vaccine Advocacy?

Take Action Today! The MSBA needs your help as we continue to advocate for all Maryland attorneys to receive 1C prioritization. You can email the Governor’s Office and the Maryland Secretary of Health today by copying and pasting the sample messaging below and emailing it to any or all of the contacts listed below.  Feel free to include in your message the impact to you and your practice as a non-prioritized population.  You can also add your name to the letter the MSBA, along with dozens of Local & Specialty Bar Associations, will send to the Chief Judge of the Maryland Judiciary advocating for all attorneys to be included in the 1C priority group given that the Judiciary plans to extend operations soon.

Governor’s Office: You can email Christopher Shank, Director of External Affairs, Governor’s Office at directly from your email and include the sample messaging provided below.  

Maryland Department of Health: You can email representatives from the Maryland Dept. of Health directly from your email and include the sample messaging that we’ve provided below. Here are the contacts for the Department of Health:

Chief Judge of the Maryland Judiciary: Please email us at stating you want to add your name to the letter to the Chief Judge of the Maryland Judiciary.  Please use the subject line “Add My Name”. 

Sample Messaging:

I strongly urge that Maryland follow national CDC guidelines and expand the 1C priority group to include all attorneys. The Maryland State Bar Association and dozens of Local & Specialty Bars throughout Maryland have communicated with your office on the importance of ensuring that all attorneys, and not just members of the Judiciary, state’s attorneys and public defenders, are included in the 1C priority group, as many face the same or greater risks when representing clients in court, assisting vulnerable populations such as the incarcerated and the elderly, meeting clients in person, and delivering access to justice for Maryland citizens. Vaccine priority for our profession is about protecting attorneys on the frontlines of justice, and the clients and communities we serve.

We need you to take action now to ensure Maryland follows national CDC Guidelines and includes all attorneys in the 1C priority group.

Thank you on behalf of all attorneys and the citizens of Maryland we serve!

Please contact us at if you have any questions about this campaign. Together we are fighting for the profession – thank you!