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Free Legal Information

If you have questions about your civil legal problem or the recent court closures or need legal help, there are many civil legal aid organizations that can still assist you remotely.  Civil legal aid organizations offer free legal services to those who qualify and can help with the following:



Maryland People's Law Library

The Maryland People's Law Library exists to provide legal information to the public.  It is updating its information to address the COVID reality.  It has a Legal Services Directory that can help you figure out which civl legal aid organization can help with your problem in your jurisdiction.  They also have one pagers on specific topics related to COVID on their website.

Law Libraries

Maryland Law Libraries are a good and reliable source of up-to-date legal information. Law librarians cannot give legal advice, but they are expert at research and finding relevant information.  They are useful for both:


  • Individuals who do not have a lawyer; or 

  • Attorneys, including civil legal aid attorneys and pro-bono attorneys


Law librarians will be able to access print materials that might not be available in digital format and many databases and other digital materials.  They can scan and email materials to you.  


These law libraries have staff available on site or remotely and can respond to email and telephone requests for information.

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