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Opportunity Available

Grant Researcher / Grantseeker

The A2JC is seeking a Grant Writer to research, draft, and submit applications for grants and related funding that can further support the initiatives of the organization and its stakeholders. The work will follow the schedule set forth below. The successful applicant will meet the following requirements. The submission process for the contract will follow the schedule set forth below. 

All grant writers wishing to submit an application will be required to supply their own equipment (e.g. laptop, internet connection, research access) and to adhere to the principals and mission of the organization: the furtherance of access to civil justice.


  • RFP Posting/Submission Window for Applications: Thursday, May 25,, 2023- Friday, June 9, 2023

  • Review Period of Applications: Tuesday, May 30, 2023 - Friday, Jun 16, 2023

  • Approved Application Interviews: Tuesday, Jun 20, 2023 - Friday, Jun 30, 2023

  • Notification of Approval: Friday, Jul 7, 2023

  • Start of Contract: Monday, Jul 17, 2023

  • Contract and Service Concludes: upon successful completion of 5 submitted grant applications

Scope of Service:

  •   Provision of Grant Seeking on behalf of the A2JC

    • All research to be done remotely or in a hybrid model, with access to office facilities at the following location: The Hub, 3700 O'Donnell St., Baltimore, Maryland

    • All grant submissions to be tracked and managed via Asana

    • Minimum number of applications and grant values to be submitted during the contract period: 5 applications valuing at least a total of $200,000 in possible awards

    • Sought funds should aim to expand support for the foundations and infrastructure of the civil justice and advocacy space.

    • Civil justice is a broad issue and as such, funding opportunities exist in many spaces. Issues potentially targeted for funding include but are not limited to the following defined goals.


    • Advocate to increase civil legal aid funding and right to counsel in civil cases in Maryland

    • Build A2J projects with corporations and corporate counsel in MD; the executive branch and executive agencies in MD

    • Build A2J Civil Justice Data Center; A2J Research & Innovation Hub; Communications Hub

    • Build a Modest Means Information & Resources Hub

  •  If grants are received, follow-up work may include reporting writing on the grant/s received and additional outputs required by said funding source. This work would fall under a new contract, with terms potentially similar to this contract. Securing this contract is not a guarantee of work for that contract, if posted.

Minimum Requirements for Applicants:

All applicants must be experienced grant writers with a minimum of 5-7 years of experience in developing and successfully securing grant funding through traditional and nontraditional application models. The successful applicant will have strong writing skills, a strong track record of being awarded funding, strong interpersonal skills, and a self-starting, driven focus on goal achievement. 

Preference will be given to applicants based in Maryland and with existing connections with foundations in the region.

The A2JC and the MSBA reserve the right to issue a similar RFP for any future grant writing services.

Compensation/ Fee: 

Fee is intended to cover at least 5 applications valuing a total of $200,000 in awards. Compensation will be at a rate of $90 per hour, not to exceed a contract total of $18,750 (work approximated at $3,750 per application). If additional hours are anticipated, they should be flagged in the application process and discussed during the interview. 

Support of A2JC and Stakeholders:

The A2JC will provide background information, defined areas for applicable submissions, defined sponsorships, forms and technical information necessary for applications, and access to necessary systems (including Asana) for grant management and application tracking for use by the successful applicant. The A2JC will obtain additional research, source documents, and other required materials for submissions. The successful applicant will do the research on foundations on behalf of A2JC and engage with A2JC to determine how best to translate A2JC goals into viable applications.

 To Apply: 

Submissions will be considered by the executive director of the A2JC and the executive director of the MSBA as well as MSBA staff leadership.  Applications will be held in confidence by this committee as will committee considerations.  Please send a cover letter and resume that will detail the applicant’s relevant experience in providing the service described above, and the applicants’ satisfaction of the minimum requirements listed above.  

Please also provide a written statement detailing the applicant’s successful procurement of previous grants, the amounts secured, the recipient organizations, and the grant sources.


Applications may be emailed to The subject line must include the following, in this format:


Applications must be received by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, June 9, 2023. 

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