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Civil Legal Aid Funding

Susan Erlichman, Co-Chair, Maryland Legal Services Corporation
Catherine Bledsoe, Co-Chair, Maryland Office of the Attorney General ​​

The Civil Legal Aid Funding Committee is committed to obtaining sustainable funding for front-line civil legal aid providers to ensure the availability of legal services for Marylanders. The life-altering civil legal needs faced by low-income Marylanders have been significantly increased against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. The dramatic spike in legal need caused by the crisis coupled with precipitous declines in revenue for civil legal services underscores the crucial need to address this funding crisis. Through this diverse committee, we aspire to raise decision-makers' awareness of the significant revenue gap, mitigate the lost revenue, and identify new sources of funding.​​

​​Past Meetings

​​​11/4/20 - Meeting ​AGENDA

10/21/20 - Meeting MINUTES

9/30/2020 - Meeting AGENDA

8/26/20 - Meeting AGENDA​ MINUTES

7/29/2020 - Meeting AGENDA​ MINUTES

7/15/2020 - Meeting, 3pm​

7/8/2020 - Sub-committee Meeting, 3pm

6/24/2020 - First meeting, 3pm- 4pm​  ​Agenda​   Powerpoint​    MINUTES

Consumer Protection

Marceline White, Co-Chair, Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition
Steve Sakamoto-Wengel, Co-Chair, Maryland Office of the Attorney General​​

The purpose of the Consumer Protection Committee is to address issues affecting Maryland residents as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and issues of economic inequality and insecurity. For example, we are concerned about an avalanche of debt collection cases being filed against consumers unable to pay bills during the pandemic once the moratorium is lifted. Additionally, we want to determine how best to make consumers aware of resources available to them and educate them on how to avoid debt-related scams and instead connect consumers with legitimate trained financial counselors to help them address their debt situation. Finally, we want to propose short-term and longer-term policy solutions that the Court and General Assembly can consider to improve outcomes for financially struggling households. ​


Facing Issues With Debt?

The Consumer Protection Committee of the Attorney General’s COVID-19 Access to Justice Task Force has developed a website that provides legal information, not legal advice, for individuals who have been sued for a consumer debt of less than $5,000 in a Maryland District Court. This site also offers educational resources for all residents who are interested in finding out more about the debt collection process in Maryland.​

Past Meetings

​​​11/18/2020 - Meeting AG​ENDA

11/4/2020 - Meeting AGE​NDA​ MINUTES

10/21/2020 - Meeting AGENDA MINUTES

10/7/2020 - Meeting AGENDA

9/30/2020 - Meeting MINUTES

9/16/2020 - Meeting AGE​​NDA​ MINUTES

9/2/2020 - Meeting  MINUTES​

8/26/2020 - Meeting AGE​NDA​ MINUTES

​8/19/2020 - Meeting AGEN​​D​A​​ MINUTES

8/12/2020 - Meeting  AGENDA​​​ MINUTES

8/6/2020 - Consumer Education Subcommittee meeting, 12 p.m.​ MINUTES

8/5/2020 - Meeting AGENDA

7/29/2020 - Meeting AGENDA​ MINUTES

7/22/2020 - Meeting AGENDA​​ MINUTES

7/15/2020 - Meeting, 3:30pm - 5pm AGENDA​ MINUTES

7/8/2020 - Meeting, 3pm - 4pm MINUTES

7/2/2020 - Meeting, 1pm - 3pm AGENDA​ MINUTES

6/24/2020​ - First meeting, 10am - 12pm AGENDA

Data & Legal Technology

Matthew Stubenberg, Co-Chair, A2J Lab, Harvard Law School
Wendy Shiff, Co-Chair, Maryland Office of the Attorney General 


The Data & Legal Technology Committee's focus is on acquiring, sharing, and analyzing data which provides information, including statistics on the issue of access to justice; researching issues related to court operations and how they impact access to justice, particularly remote operations; recommending methods for addressing  access to justice issues via technology; and consulting with other committees about their data and technology needs.​

Past Meetings

7/23/2020 - Data Subcommittee meeting, 1:30pm

7/21/2020 - Current Court Operations Subcommittee meeting, 2pm

7/13/2020 - Data Subcommittee meeting, 2pm​​

7/13/2020 - Court Technology Barriers Subcommittee meeting, 1:30pm

7/13/2020 - Current Court Operations Subcommittee meeting, 1pm​

7/2/2020 - Data Subcommittee Meeting, 10am - 11am  MINUTES

7/2/2020 - Court Technology Barriers Kick Off Call, 11:15am - 12:15pm  AGENDA

7/2/2020 - Current Court Operations Subcommittee Kick Off Call, 1:30pm - 2:30pm  AGENDA

6/25/2020​ - First meeting, 1pm- 2pm​

Economic & Food Security

Carnot Evans, Co-Chair, Marriott International
Paul Cucuzella, Co-Chair, Maryland Office of the Attorney General ​​


The Economic & Food Security Committee's focus is on public benefits programs, including unemployment benefits, food assistance, temporary income assistance, and other programs. The Committee identifies, examines, and evaluates potential solutions to barriers to access during the current crisis, as well as access to the legal system as may be necessary to remedy benefits denied or delayed.​

Past Meetings

​10/28/2020 - Medicaid Subcommittee Meeting, 1pm​

10/14/2020 - Medicaid Subcommittee Meeting, 1pm

10/19/2020 -  Economic & Food Security Committee Leadership Meeting, 11am

9/30/2020 - Medicaid Subcommittee Meeting, 1pm

9/28/2020 -  Economic & Food Security Committee Leadership Meeting, 11am

9/21/2020 - Economic & Food Security Leadership Meeting​, 11 am

9/18/2020 - Unemployment Subcommittee Meeting,  10 am

9/16/20 - Medicaid subcommittee​ meeting, 1 pm​

9/16/2020 - Meeting of the Medicaid Subcommittee​, 1:00 pm​​

9/15/2020 - Meeting of the SNAF/TANF Subcommittee, 3:00 pm 

9/14/2020 -  Meeting of Committee Leadership, 11:00 am​​

9/4/2020 - ​Meeting, 10am

9/2/2020 - Medicaid subcommittee​ meeting   MINUTES

9/1/2020​ - Temporary Food and Cash Assistance Subcommittee meeting, 3 pm.

8/27​/2020 - Co-chairs and subcommittee heads meeting,  8:45 am.​​

8/20/2020​ - Medicaid subcommittee​ meeting, 12 pm

8/19/2020 - Co-chairs and subcommittee heads meeting,  8:45 am.​   NOTES

8/11/2020 - Temporary Food and Cash Assistance Subcommittee meeting, 3:00 pm​   NOTES​​

8/10/2020 - Committee co-chairs and subcommittee heads meeting,  9 am   NOTES

8/3/2020 - Unemployment Insurance Subcommittee  meeting​   NOTES

8/3/2020 - Subcommittee heads meeting, 3:30 pm.​  NOTES

7/28/2020 - Temporary Food and Cash Assistance Subcommittee meeting​​   NOTES

7/23/20 - Unemployment Insurance Subcommittee Meeting, 1:00 pm​   NOTES

7/27/2020 - Committee Co-Chairs and Subcommittee heads meeting, 9:00 am​    NOTES

7/20/2020​ - Co-Chair and Subcommittee Heads,  9:00 am   NOTES

7/15/2020 - Unemployment Insurance, 11:00 am​​   NOTES

7/14/2020 - Temporary Food and Cash Assistance,  2:30 pm   NOTES

7/13/2020 - Subcommittee Heads meeting, 9-9:30 am   NOTES

7/8/2020 - Food and Temporary Cash Assistance subcommittee​ meeting, 11 am  NOTES

7/02/2020 - Unemployment Insurance Subcommittee meeting, 2:30 pm

7/1/2020 - Food and Temporary Cash Assistance Subcommittee meeting, 4-5:30 pm​

6/25/2020 - First Meeting, 2pm - 3pm  AGENDA    MINUTES

Housing Security

Zafar Shah, Co-Chair, Public Justice Center
Zak Shirley, Co-Chair, Maryland Office of the Attorney General​

The Housing Security Committee is focused on helping ease the transition back to normalcy for residents of our state by ensuring that they have the means to be secure in their homes. Our efforts focus on multiple fronts including providing for assistance with the legal process to those in need, ensuring access to various rent/mortgage relief programs, examining best practices for courts in dealing with the expected tidal wave of eviction proceedings in a fair and equitable manner, and ultimately preparing legislative recommendations for long-term relief. ​

Past Meetings

11/18/20 - Housing Security Committee meeting​, 12:30   AGEND​A​​

11/04/20 - Housing Security Committee meeting​, 12:30   AGENDA​​

10/23/2020 - Homelessness Issues Subcommittee meeting, 1:00pm
10/22/2020 - Homeowner's Issues Subcommittee meeting, 2:30pm
10/20/2020 - Renter's Issues Subcommittee meeting, 10am

10/14/2020 - Housing Security Committee meeting​, 12:30​   AGENDA

9/30/2020 - Housing Security Committee meeting​, 12:30

9/25/2020 - Homeless Issues Subcommittee meeting, 1pm

9/24/2020 - Homeowner's Issues Subcommittee meeting, 2:30pm   AGENDA   MINUTES

9/23/2020 - Renter's Issues Subcommittee meeting, 10am​   AGENDA​   MINUTES

9/16/2020 - Housing Security Committee meeting, 12:30pm​   AGENDA

9/9/2020 - Housing Security Committee meeting, 12:30pm​   AGENDA​   MINUTES

9/2/2020 - Housing Security Committee meeting, 12:30pm   AGENDA​   MINUTES​​

8/28/2020 - Homeless Persons Issues meeting, 1:00PM

8/27/2020 - Homeowner's Issues meeting, 2:30PM

8/26/2020 - Renter's Issues meeting, 10AM    MINUTES

8/19/2020 - Housing Security Committee meeting, 1:00pm ​  AGENDA    MINUTES​​

8/5/2020 - Housing Security Committee meeting, 1:00pm   AGENDA​   MINUTES

7/31/2020 - Homeless Persons’ Issues Subcommittee meeting, 1:00pm

7/30/2020 - Homeowner's Issues Subcommittee meeting, 2:30pm   AGENDA​   MINUTES

7/29/2020 - Renter’s Issues Subcommittee meeting,  10am​    MINUTES

7/22/2020 - Meeting, 1PM​  AGENDA​   MINUTES   CHAT

7/17/2020 -  Homeless Persons' Issues Subcommittee Meeting, 1-1:30PM​

​7/16/2020 -  Homeowner's Issues Subcommittee Meeting, 2:30-3:00PM  MINUTES

7/15/2020 - Renter's Issues Subcommittee Meeting, 10-10:30AM  MINUTES

7/8/2020 -  Meeting, 1:00PM-2:00PM   AGENDA

6/30/2020 - Meeting  AGENDA​​   MINUTES   CHAT

6/24/2020 - Meeting  AGENDA   MINUTES

Life & Health Planning

Danielle Cruttenden, Co-Chair, MSBA Estate & Trust Law Section
Juliana Bell, Co-Chair, Maryland Office of the Attorney General 


The Life & Health Planning Committee seeks to ensure that every person has access to, and is empowered to use, legal documents that give their loved ones and others a clear roadmap for how to make decisions about that person's care and belongings at times of great stress. We aim to provide low-or no-cost programs to supply legal advice and assistance in navigating probate court proceedings, claiming benefits, seeking financial assistance or drafting estate planning documents such as Powers of Attorney, Advance Medical Directives or basic Wills. We also aspire to launch a public information campaign to help individuals find and use the low- and no-cost estate planning resources that already exist in our community.​

Past Meetings

​11/10/2020 - Meeting, 9am   AGENDA

10/20/2020 - Committee Meeting, 9am  AGENDA

10/14/2020 - Resource Development Subcommittee ​meeting​, 11am

10/6/2020 - Community Outreach Subcommittee​ meeting   AGENDA​ ​

9/30/2020 - Resource Development Subcommittee ​meeting   MINUTES

9/29/2020 - Committee Meeting,  AGENDA​​   MINUTES

9/20/2020 - Committee Meeting,  AGENDA

9/23/2020 - Resource Development Subcommittee, ​11am   MINUTES

9/22/2020 - Community Outreach Subcommittee​, ​9am   AGENDA​    MINUTES

9/16​/2020 - Resource Development subcommittee meeting​   MINUTES

9/15/2020 - Meeting   AGENDA​   MINUTES

9/9​/2020 - Resource Development subcommittee meeting, 11am-12pm​   MINUTES

9/8/2020 - Community Outreach​ subcommittee meeting, 9am-10am​​​​   AGENDA​   MINUTES​   CHAT

9/2​/2020 - Resource Development subcommittee meeting, 11am-12pm​    MINUTES

9/1/2020 - Committee Meeting​, 9am-10am   AGENDA​   MINUTES

8/26/2020 - Resource Development subcommittee meeting, 11am-12pm​   MINUTES

8/25/2020 - Community Outreach​ subcommittee meeting, 9am-10am​​​​   AGENDA   MINUTES

8/19/2020 - Resource Development subcommittee meeting, 11am-12pm

8/18/2020 - Meeting,  9am-10am  MINUTES​   CHAT

8/12/2020 - Resource Development subcommittee meeting, 11am-12pm​​   MINUTES

8/5/2020 - Resource Development subcommittee meeting, 11am​   AGENDA

8/4/2020 - Meeting, 9am​   AGENDA   MINUTES   CHAT

7/29/2020 - Resource Development subcommittee meeting, 11am-12pm​​   AGENDA​   MINUTES

7/28/2020 - Community Outreach Subcommittee Meeting, 9am   AGENDA​   MINUTES

7/22/2020 - Resource Development subcommittee meeting, 11am-12pm​​

7/17/2020 - Community Outreach Subcommittee meeting   MINUTES

7/14/2020 - Meeting,  9am-10am  MINUTES​    AGENDA​     CHAT​​

7/8/2020 - Community Outreach Subcommittee meeting, 9am to 10am.   MINUTES

7/15/2020 - Resource Development Subcommittee meeting   MINUTES

7/8/2020 - Resource Development Subcommittee meeting, 11am to 12pm​   MINUTES

6/30/2020 - Meeting, 9am - 10am  AGENDA​   MINUTES​   CHAT

6/23/2020 - First meeting, 9am - 10am AGENDA​    MINUTES​​

Policy & Race Equity

Reena Shah, Co-Chair, Maryland Access to Justice Commission
Andre Davis, Co-Chair, Former Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit
Zenita Hurley, Co-Chair, Maryland Office of the Attorney General​​


The Policy & Race Equity Committee brings together all committee co-chairs and Task Force vice-chairs to ensure information sharing and strategy coordination across committees to lend cohesiveness to the Task Force's work. This Committee provides guidance to other committees on employing a race equity framework in their work and review committee participation, processes and proposals to ensure adherence to race equity principles. The ultimate purpose of this Committee is to ensure that the Task Force's work increases access, fairness and equity for those navigating the civil justice system in the wake of COVID-19.​​

Past Meetings

10/29/2020 - Meeting, 2:30 - 4pm   AGENDA

9/10/2020 - Meeting,   AGENDA

8/27/2020 - Meeting, 2:30 - 4pm​   AGENDA

8/20/2020 - Meeting, 2:30 - 4pm

8/13/2020 - Meeting, 3:30 - 5pm​   AGENDA

8/6/2020 - Meeting, 3:30pm-5pm.   AGENDA

7/28/2020 - Meeting, 5pm - 6pm

7/21/2020 -  Meeting, 5pm - 6pm​   NOTES   CHAT

​7/17/2020 - Meeting, ​4pm - 5pm   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

7/1/2020 - First Meeting, 9am - 10:30am​​   NOTES   CHAT

Pro-Bono & Reduced Fee Legal Services

Hannibal Kemerer, Co-Chair, Maryland Office of the Attorney General 

Guy Flynn, Co-Chair, ​DLA Piper LLP (US)​


The Pro-Bono & Reduced Fee Legal Services Committee energizes a mass mobilization of Maryland's private bar to increase legal representation in case types identified by the substantive committees as needing the greatest support. The Committee also identifies opportunities to implement reduced fee programs to support Marylanders who may not qualify for no cost civil legal aid. Finally, the Committee identifies policy reforms and innovations to increase the pool of volunteers necessary to meet the need for legal advice and representation posed by this crisis.​​

Past Meetings

7/31/20 - Meeting, 2pm

7/23/2020 - Meeting, 3pm

7/7/2020 - Meeting, 3-4pm   MINUTES

Public Awareness & Community Engagement

Franklyn Baker, Co-Chair, United Way of Central Maryland

Karen Anderson-Scott​, Co-Chair, Maryland Office of the Attorney General​

The Public Awareness & Community Engagement Committee supports the work of the substantive committees with a focus on creating public-facing, easy to understand materials and communicating effectively to the public about their rights, about civil legal processes, and changes in civil law.  This Committee is also proactive in engaging with diverse stakeholders and broad segments of our community to ensure that Marylanders who were rendered most susceptible to civil legal issues in the wake of COVID-19, receive the legal information and representation they need to successfully navigate and manage their civil legal problems.​​

Past Meetings

12/9/2020 - Meeting, 9am​   AGEND​A​​   NOTES

11/18/2020 - Meeting, 9am​   AGENDA

11/4/2020 - Meeting, 9am   AGENDA   NOTES   CHAT
10/28/2020 - Meeting, 9am​   AG​ENDA​   NOTES

10/21/2020 - Meeting, 9am​   AGENDA

10/14/2020 - Meeting, 9am   AGENDA
9/30/2020 - Meeting, 9:00am   AGENDA​   NOTES
9/23/2020 - Meeting​, 9:00am​   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

9/16/2020 - Meeting​, 9:00am​ ​   AGENDA   NOTES   CHAT​​

9/9/2020 - Meeting ​, 9:00am​   NOTES​   CHAT

9/4/2020 - Town Halls Subcommittee meeting​   NOTES
9/02/2020 - Meeting ​, 9:00am​  AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT
8/21/2020 - Town Halls Subcommittee meeting   AGENDA   NOTES​    

8/19/2020 - Meeting ​, 9:00am​   NOTES   CHAT
8/14/2020 - Town Halls Subcommittee meeting   NOTES    CHAT​​

8/12/2020 - Meeting ​, 9:00am   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT
8/5/2020 - ​ Meeting​, 9am   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

7/31/2020 - Town Halls Subcommittee meeting, 9am   AGENDA​  NOTES   CHAT
7/29/2020 - ​Strategy Subcommittee Meeting    NOTES

7/29/2020 - Meeting​, 9:00 am   AGENDA   NOTES   CHAT
7/22/2020 - Meeting, 9:00 am   AGENDA​   NOTES    CHAT​   

7/15/2020 -  Meeting, 9 am  AGENDA​​​   NOTES   CHAT

7/7/2020 -  Meeting, 9am  AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT​   
7/2/2020 - Meeting, 1:30pm  AGENDA   NOTES​  

6/26/2020 - First Meeting, 9:30​am  AGENDA   MINUTES

Surviving Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation

Delegate Sandy Bartlett, Co-Chair, Maryland House of Delegates 
Shelly Mintz, Co-Chair, Maryland Office of the Attorney General​​​


​The Surviving Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation Committee will assist Maryland's most vulnerable residents - like people of color, low income residents, disabled residents, youth, the elderly and more - who are in challenging circumstances not of their own making and are most susceptible to abuse, neglect and exploitation. This Committee's objective is to educate, create and strengthen safeguards, and provide resources and civil legal aid to enable these residents to maximize their safety and independence. ​

​Past Meetings​

12/9/2020 - Meeting, 12pm​ ​   AGENDA   NOTES   CHAT

12/2/2020 - Meeting, 12pm​   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

11/18/2020 - Meeting, 12pm​   AGEND​A​​   NOTES​​

11/11/2020 - Meeting, 12pm​   AGEND​A​​   NOTES

10/28/2020 - Meeting, 12pm​   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

10/21/2020 - Meeting, 12pm​   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

10/14/2020 - Meeting, 12pm   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

10/7/2020 - Meeting, 12pm   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

9/23/2020 - Meeting,  12:30pm   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

9/16/2020 - Meeting, ​   NOTES    CHAT​

​9/09/2020 - Meeting, 11:30am​   NOTES    CHAT

9/02/2020 - Meeting, 11:30am​   AGENDA

9/02/2020 - Meeting, 11:30am​   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

8/26/2020 - Meeting, 11am   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

8/20/2020 - Reporting Subcommittee meeting,  AGENDA   NOTES

8/20/2020 - Data & Statistics Subcommittee​ meeting​,  AGENDA​​​   NOTES   CHAT

8/19/2020 - Existing Resources & Services​ meeting, 12 pm  AGENDA   NOTES   CHAT

8/18/2020 - Civil Legal Needs & Services​​ meeting, 11:30 am  AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

8/18/2020 - Donut  Holes​ meeting, 12 pm  AGEND​A​​   NOTES

8/5/2020 - Existing Resources Subcommittee meeting, 12:30pm   AGENDA   NOTES   CHAT

8/4/2020 - Donut Holes Subcommittee meeting, 12pm   AGENDA   NOTES

8/4/2020 - Civil Legal Needs and Services Subcommittee​ meeting, 10am   AGENDA   NOTES   CHAT

7/30/2020 - Reporting Subcommittee meeting, 2:30pm   AGENDA   NOTES   CHAT

7/30/2020 - Data & Statistics Subcommittee​ meeting, 4pm   AGENDA   NOTES   

7/29/2020 - Existing Resources and Services Subcommittee​ meeting, 12pm   AGENDA

7/28/2020 - Donut Holes Subcommittee​ meeting, 12pm   AGENDA   NOTES​    CHAT

7/28/2020 - Civil Legal Needs and Services Subcommittee​ meeting, 10am    AGENDA   NOTES

7/24/2020 - ​Reporting subcommittee meeting   AGENDA   NOTES   CHAT

7/22/2020 - Existing Resources and Services meeting   AGENDA   NOTES

7/22/2020 - Data & Statistics Meeting    AGENDA   NOTES​   CHAT

7/21/2020 - Donut Holes meeting  AGENDA    NOTES

7/16/2020 - Reporting Subcommittee meeting, 2:30pm   AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT
7/14/2020 - Civil & Legal Needs Subcommittee meeting, 10am   AGENDA   NOTES    CHAT
7/10/2020 -  Existing Resources Subcommittee meeting, ​10am   AGENDA   NOTES

7/8/2020 -  Data and Statistics Subcommittee meeting, 10:30am  AGENDA​   NOTES​​

7/7/2020 - Donut Holes Subcommittee meeting,  AGENDA​   NOTES    CHAT

7/6/2020 - Civil Legal Needs and Services Subcommittee​ meeting,​   AGENDA   NOTES

7/2/2020 - Data and Statistics Subcommittee meeting, 11am  AGENDA​   NOTES   CHAT

7/1/2020 - Existing Resources & Services Subcommittee​ meeting,  AGENDA​  NOTES   CHAT

7/2/2020 - Reporting Subcommittee meeting, AGENDA​   NOTES    CHAT

6/30/2020 - Civil Legal Needs and Services Subcommittee​ meeting,    AGENDA​   NOTES

6/24/2020​ - First meeting, 1pm - 2pm   A​GENDA​​

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